AsteriskNow external route problem

For my school project i have to set up a voip network with 3 types of routes:

  • internal
  • external
  • connection to a voip provider

I’m using AsteriskNOW- and to test i use a 3cx softphone software.
The first route(internal) works perfectly.
The second route(external) does’nt work. I can’t connect to the server from outside the network.
My server with the asterisknow installation is directly connected to the dsl internet modem.
I forwarded port 5060. I also fowarded port 3478 for STUN. In my sip.conf i added:

localnet =
externip = 2XX.X.XXX.196
fromdomain = 2XX.X.XXX.196

I used the 3cx debug window to see my error.
I get the following messages:
Attempting to connect 2XX.X.XXX.196
Using network interface
Phone got as local port 59086
RTP egine ok
STP engine ok
Sound mic device ok
Sound ring device ok
Phone is sending Stun request
Phone STUN check failed
Phone STUN check failed
Phone STUN check failed
Phone connection failed, server not responding

For STUN i filled in (a public stun server)

Can anybody assist me with this?

thanks in advance.

Almost any time you have NAT=YES, you also need to set CANREINVITE=, where is typically either “nonat” or “no”.

You also have to open – in both directions – UDP ports 10000+ up for the audio streams. Exactly how the media stream operates, depends on the nat= and canreinvite= settings.

More info. on your topology is needed for a more precise answer. Where are the NAT-enabled routers in relations to your asterisk and other sp devices.


My server is directly connected to the dsl modem(CT-5621T Multi-port ADSL2+ Router). Any info further needed?

That’s a router and a modem. We are talking about the configuration of the router part.

Under Nat we created a virtual server with portforwarding to the Asterisk Server.
The Asterisk server is also placed in DMZ mode to bypass any port issues.
I forwarded port 5060. I also fowarded port 3478 for STUN.