Asterisk can work under 2 routers?

Asterisk can serve when it is under the 2 routers? In my schema how must i setup asterisk’s parameters in order to Asterisk serve these 3 different sip clients(A, B and C). Now it s working without B. But when i add sip client under the Router2 so it cant speak with other sip clients. Is there anyway to run any sip client which is connected to local network of Router2

If your routing is ok, you should set in the sip.conf file the following

externip=Public IP

Sip.conf has modified like this already. But it is not working.

Which IP address must I write for B sip client for registration ? Public ip or

Must be 192,168,159,90

Are you sure ?B ip phone is not in network. B is in network. So I must not write

If you set as the sip server then you should use port forward and if you do then you must have in the sip.conf as public ip the This configuration will break the rest of the extensions. That’s why you must have setup your routing properly. The must have a static route where the 192.168.150 network is and also the must know where the 10.0.0 network is. Fix your routing and try again. First try to ping the server from the 10.0.0 network and then try to register.

I meant registration ip for B sip client. will be set to B phone’s registration point.
Signaling ports forwarded,RTP port forwarded also.

5061-5062 is forwarded from To
From To

RTP ports are forwarded from To
From To

Please create a proper, and single, intranet. I don’t really want to think about how to cope with using Asterisk over two layers of NAT. NAT and SIP site uncomfortably together when you have a conventioanl NAT, with public internet on one side and intranet on the other. There should be no NAT applies on the right hand router on your diagram. It should have a default route to the left hand one

But I can not create single intranet. So it means asterisk can not be modified for sip client A,B and C?

Well, quite complicated, but in case of B client router 1 should have enable SIP ports, to let network clients B log to Asterisk accounts.
But it will more complicated for network A clients, is no good combination Router cascade, you will get a lot of trouble with NAT issue.
Is any possibility to replace Router 1 and Router 2 with one Router?

I can not. It needs to be 2 routers.
It measn Asterisk can not work under 2 routers?

There are hacks to do it using multiple instances. If you can’t work from that hint, it is likely that supporting you is going to take too much time to be given free.

Basically Asterisk is designed to be used on an internet, with some concessions to straightforward NAT configurations.

Isn’t regardless to Asterisk could work under 2 routers, moreover it becomes from routers.

How about to use VPN to Asterisk?

What Asterisk has problems with is more than one intranet. Multiple routers are no problem. A properly configured VPN will be part of the main intranet.

The I in IP stands for Internet, and internet means connection a large number of separate networks together to behave as though they were a single network. You are going against this principle, so will cause confusion for software intended for the internet.

Although SIP was never designed for the simple NAT, case, where there are only two networks (the global internet, and one intranet), such configurations are so ubiquitous that there are various hack to cope with them, and even more formal mechanisms (not supported by chan_sip). However it is uncomfortable even in those situations. The more you regress back to disjoint networks, the more difficult it is.