Art project who can help?

I’m an art student from germany. My question is about an art project.
There will be a telephone in an exhibition, it should work like this:
if you pic up the phone, you should be able to navigate through a menu (if
you need this and that pleas dial ‘3’).
This is the klassik way to navigate trough a hotlinemenu. In the exhibition it is not necessary that you have a real phone line, It
should work as a indipendent system just in this single telephon.

How can this work?
is it necassary to do it via DTMF and/ore some pc-software?javascript:emoticon(’:idea:’)
Ore is it even possible with a very old phone, where you have to insert coins?:shock:

Thank you very mutch.
I’m looking forward to your answer!

Greetings Simone :smiley:

Of course It’s possible to make IVR menus with Asterisk…your imagination is the limit :smile:
You can use any old telephone device with tone dialing, but I’m not sure about ancient pulse dialing phones… Or, you can use softphones on your computer (eg. X-lite)…

I am also from Germany. Where are you in Germany ?

I’m not from Germany :smile: