Talking Mural

We are trying to construct a phone based system and menu so that a public mural can be accessed by cellphone, allowing the caller to hear MP3 files associated with a menu keyed to different parts of the mural. We do not have the tech background to obtain appropriate hardware or configure applications but want to try this. If it works we envision many community-based projects that would be benefit from this idea (we know that museums do this but the folx who broker the services want at least $200/per month to handle it - way beyond our means).
do you, or anyone you know want to help us work this out?

thanks in advance

so if i understand you correctly, you want people to be able to dial a number, enter a selection, and based on their selection play different audio files?

try this

exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => s,2,Background(welcome) ; play welcome greeting

exten => _X,1,Background(menusound${EXTEN}) ; for any single digit plays the file ‘menusoundX’ where X is what they dialed
exten => _X,2,Goto(s,2) ; once sound is done playing send them back to welcome.

Now get some kind of phone service and put it in the context fancy-exhibit.

Your best bet would probably be some kind of wholesale company as they will have the best service for you- you will pay a flat monthly fee for the phone number and incoming calls are free.

then you just need a server with enough bandwidth to host this on and you are good to go.
You can also plug it into your existing phone lines/system and do it that way.

If you want help setting this up zap me a PM or post more detail…