An art student's cry for help!

hi everyone. I’m a graduate student at an Art/Technology program. I’m interested in creating a project where, via a web interface, people can schedule their phones to be called at particular times. Is the Asterick package the right choice for me? can someone help me get started? the documentation is a bit overwhelming.

thank you,

Yes, this is possible. Your best bet is to start with using Asterisk@Home:

which is Asterisk wrapped in a GUI as well as many other applications. Further, as far as documentaiton goes, this is the best: … +Telephony

Although, the book only covers the Asterisk ‘core’ and not the Asterisk@Home web gui environment, so it may not assist you as much if you go the A@H route.

Also, to schedule folks to be called at certain times may take some development on your part or simply using ‘call’ files scheduled with cron after being populated by a web form. Details on call files here: … o-dial+out

i’ve just written a web interface for speeddials and click-to-call-a-speeddial for a client of mine. it would be faily easy to modify for making the generation of the call files on a schedule.

PM me if you want the code.