I am in the early stages of development. I would like to create an end point that works for both in-browser and desktop and a hard phone. I considered using webrtc but i noticed i will end up having two extensions per user (one for a webphone and one for a hard phone) for which for an organisation with 20k people will end up having double extensions (40k).

Im now considering using ARI for the same endpoint that works with a hard phone without webrtc.
People say ARI is only meant for dialplans.
Is it possible though to create a softphone using ARI without webrtc?

No. It is not.

May you advice on how i can create a softphone like Linphone, or Microsip.

That’s not something anyone here is going to be able to really answer. It’s a broad general question with no real answer.

You are misusing “extension” in the Asterisk sense. Two endpoints can share the same extension, you just need to include the dialstring for both endpoints, with an & between the two.

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