ARI Create Channel - PJSIP Multi Endpoints

I want to create an outbound call via ARI, and this works fine if my PJSIP Endpoint is only registered on one device.
But when i use multiple Endpoints only one of them rings.

Extension PJSIP:4@ is registered on my Softphone and my Hardphone

POST Request: pbx.lan:8088/ari/channels
endpoint: PJSIP/4
extension: numberIWantToCall

When i execute this only one of my two registered ends ring.

How can i call all registered Endpoints?

There is no easy mechanism from ARI to do this. The quickest is probably to create some dialplan logic that accepts an endpoint name and then uses Dial with the PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS dialplan function. You can then use a Local channel in ARI and call all registered contacts.

I could solve my problem now by replacing PJSIP/4 with local/4
this way all endpoints ring.

(I´m not very experienced with Asterisk, so i don´t know if my solution only works because i use FreePBX with asterisk)