WebRTC In Asterisk Using ARI as Signalling mechanism

Hi guys,

I need to enable WebRTC in Asterisk and I have done it using Sipml5 library as mentioned in official site.
But this not suits for our applications which means we don’t need Sipml5 library. Instead we are going to make use of the core WebRTC api’s. My question is whether it is possible to use ARI to initiate and answer calls on endpoints?

Thanks in advance.

ARI can not be used as a signaling mechanism for WebRTC calling. It is designed as an application writing interface for Asterisk.

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@jcolp Yes I can understand. It’s only SIP act as a signalling protocol. But instead of using sip libraries like sipml5 or jssip whether it is possible to use ARI rest api’s to make a SIP call between two extensions

No, you can not replace SipML5 or JSSIP with ARI. They serve different purposes. If you remove them then it isn’t SIP at that point either.

ARI provides no mechanism to allow the client in the browser to use it as a method for placing or receiving calls and exchanging SDP as is needed for WebRTC.

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