How can i use ARI to make calls

Hi, i’m working on a project, which would be a web application using dotNet, and i want to make calls from this web app through asterisk using ari, so please can you explain for me, the logic how can i get this because i’m still confused about how can i use ARI to get this done. Thanks

If you are confused about ARI, why did you select it as the technology for doing this?

just to get answer from you. about the logic of this technology as you know there’s few resources about it. So if you can exaplain just for what is the logic behind it.

I haven’t used it, but I notice a tendency for there to be lots of questions about new technologies, which makes me suspect people are using them for fashion reasons.

Also, the best way of using a forum like this is to try to implement something and then comes and ask, along with details of what you tried, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened, when you fail. It is not a good place for asking for complete example designs, or tutorials.

Thanks Mr.david for your reaction , and as i know we’re not trying using technologies just for fashion because each new technologie i think will fix an issues and we try to start from where others stopped and this is why technology go fast.
And for your second response, i agree with you but who push me ask is the few resources about ARI and its function.
Lastly, Thanks a lot for your comment.
Good luck Mr.David.

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