ARI Change displayed details

Hi All

My system records all calls in and out.

Is the any way to change what ARI displays?

When logging in as admin to view all recorded calls, the originating caller ID displays the CLI of my SIP trunk and not the extension that made the call.

However an extension to extension call displays correctly.

any help greatly appreciated as this is the very last issue I have on a two month old install, otherwise it’s great!

You can try posting your question on ARI’s website. But, there are posts waiting for the answer since 04/26/2007 :frowning:

I can’t even register at the ARI site - the link is invalid to register - I’ll keep fiddling with my tables!

[quote]Asterisk PBX installation and Support

We are no longer taking new clients. Have appreciated all the opportunites and challenges, and we will continue to make free updates to ARI, but cannot pursue new efforts. Thanks.[/quote]

Unfortunatelly, it looks like that littlejohn stop with the development and support for the ARI…