ARI Authentication (asterisk)

I can’t authenticate in ARI from console browser (lynx, elinks)

cat /etc/asterisk/ari.conf :

enabled = yes
pretty = yes
allowed_origins = *

type = user
read_only = no
password = test
password_format = plain
cat /etc/asterisk/httpd.conf

[general] servername=Asterisk enabled=yes bindaddr= bindport=8088

and authentication fails when I enter :

elinks localhost:8088/ari/api-docs/resources.json username : sa passwd : test

I also trying to allow connection from my PC : ssh myRealAsteriskIP -L8001:

but after that I can’t connect even to site

Please help me. Thanks :smile:)

After changing to significantly better passwords (something other than test), you might check out the webenabled option in manager.conf