Anyone migrated PSTN's to SIP/IAX Trunks?

One of the companies I consult with currently has 6 POTS lines to their office. The POTS lines connect to a server running Asterisk with a Digium card. Most of the people work remotely and have Cisco IP phones that connect over the office’s not so great DSL line. I’d like to move their Asterisk offsite (onto a server in a datacenter, or VPS somewhere) but the issue is the phone lines.

Has anyone ported their phone numbers over companies that do SIP or IAX trunks? The key for the business is to keep their same numbers.


Which country?

My bad, USA.

Don’t need anything terribly fancy with the SIP/IAX trunks either. They aren’t heavy phone users as is, so it doesn’t need to be callcenter-centric provide.

Just have to port your numbers to the provider. I’ve ported landline numbers into Teliax and Olehphone/BWTel. Find a provider you like and give them your phone numbers to see if they can port them into their system.

I’ve ported PSTN to SIP over various carriers, not all of them are the same when it comes to SIP. Since you don’t have the luxury of trying it out as you are on a DSL connection your best bet is to work with a company that specialized in SIP, not just some new service they are offering. All of my work has been with cisco, but some cut overs have ran smooth, but several have gone haywire.

How do I not have the luxury of trying out over DSL? There are plenty of internet only based SIP services.