Suggestions for a SIP and/or IAX to PSTN gateway service?

I’m looking for a service that can be configured as an IAX or SIP trunk in Asterisk where calls can be made to PSTN phones, as well as have a phone number for incoming calls. I know Broadvoice offers this with their BYOD plans, but I’ve read a lot of terrible reviews about them, so I was wondering who else does this (preferably in the US). Any suggestions on a reliable network suitable for businesses?


here is a list of business proviers by country: … s+Business

and residential: … esidential

the ‘good and reliable’ is the hard part of the equation - I’d love to hear an authoritative answer to that one. You can cover yourself on outbound calls by having multiple potential carriers to route your calls. For inbound, if you need really reliable - you may be best sticking with a real PSTN line into Asterisk. Otherwise, scan the forums and see what opinions people have - or see if there are any carriers offering SLAs.