any1 has any information

i’ve set asterisk as the softpbx in my company and i have 2 external lines(2 FXO) and everythings goes well but when a call come from outside first the volume of the callee and the caller is little bit low so is there anyidea how can i loud the voice being transmitted on zap channel ?? :unamused:
and second when i make a call from inside asterisk 2 the outside through my zap channel there is echo and when a call came 2 me there is no echo so also is there any idea about that?


about the volume, try playing with rxgain and taxgain, in zaptel.conf Make it abit higer and then restart *.

Echo is a hard one :smile: , try echocancel=yes, or else, the echo might be caused be chaep SIP phone that you might be using.

Have you tried the HPEC (High Performance Echo Canceller)?