Any mobile sip softphone around?


Hello.I have built an asterisk VoIP server and v been able to make calls with a PC, i need a sip softphone which can run on a mobile phone,preferably running symbian OS.Anyone has any suggestions…



what mobile

There are many sip clients for mobiles for example the Nokia e series has a native client built in



i have a nokia E71 and nokia N95 which i ll like to use.but any client that works on a phone with symbian OS is ok.(nokia smart phones)


Try with Fring


If you have an Android based smartphone, you can check out SipDroid as well. I’m using it on a Motorola Droid with moderate success although the application is still quite buggy.


For S60 devices, you might have to install Nolia’s SIP Setting application:



If your device is Windows Mobile based, i think you will like PortSIP very much:


Some of the Nokia feature phones also have integrated SIP VOIP, … 40_devices built into the firmware