Answer incoming call with AMI/AGI

Hi all,

I’ve read many articles how but have not succeeded like this article


i will use the asterisk-manager node js to execute it

if anyone ever successfully tried can u share it?


thx before,


Please see

As you’ve already been told, AMI fundamentally cannot do the actual answering of a call and it feels like you hare overcomplicating your real problem by introducing AMI and AGI.

i’m sorry before. i’m new on asterisk configuration. can u share how to answer the incoming call if we can’t use AMI/AGI any other solution?

Would greatly appreciate your answers.

Call the Answer application in the dialplan that handles that call, or use an application that implicitly answers, e.g, Playback, Dial and Queue.

You need to describe your goals, as explained in the article I referenced. Answering an incoming call is not your real goal.