Asterisk 16 outgoing call answer detection

I have a problem in a catch of event then outgoing call is answered. Can someone help me with dialplan or send me a link?
I google already everything but most information is about incoming call. But i need handle an outgoing call answered event!
Is it possible?

Asterisk fire differents AMI events when a call is answered just verify wich of them is the correct fit to your requiment

Lots of things happen when a call is answered, but you have told us almost nothing. For example, the Dial application can be made to run subroutines or macros, or even to branch execution down different paths for each side.

I’m wondering if you failed to tell us that you are using analogue lines, in which case, depending on the service provider, it may be impossible to detect answer, and the call will be assumed answered as soon as dialed.

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