Announced Follow Me Functionality?

I’ve searched through the wiki and have googled, but can’t seem to find anything concerning this. I can successfully transfer a call to me cell phone if my office phone is not answered. No problem there. However, what Id like to have is when my office phone is not answered, have the caller announce their name, ring my cellphone and play the callers name, allowing me to either accept or reject the call.

My TalkSwitch unit does this very nicely and I would like to have my asterisk system do the same.

I tried a similar attempt here: … +follow+me
…but I couldn’t get the callerid number to change the data. Instead, it just shows me my office number.

Any pointers or links especially would be appreciated.



Caller ID I believe does not have to do with the script rather it can do with the kind of line you have. What kind of line are using for outgoing ? If you are able to set the CID for outgoing you would want to get the CID from the incoming call, put it into a variable and then when the call is sent to your cell phone to set the CID to that number when it is calling you.

Hello Dovid,

We are using Sip lines for now. Waiting Fxo cards to incorporate our copper lines into asterisk. Using the example above, the callerid does not change, but stays the same as the sip line that called it.



Could be the SIp provider is not allowing you to chane the caller ID some do some dont you could test it with the SET CALLERID command on the sip channel then call your cellphone and see if it changes

you will not be able to change it on you Analog pstn lines when you cards come in. The caller ID is set by the phone company.

Thanks Rusty,

I leaning towards the assumption that my sip provider does not allow the change caller id. I have also read what you said about the pots lines and not being able to change caller id and so in the long run, fiddling with the CID doesn’t seem to be a good way to go about this.

Upon further reading, it seems that a possibility would be something like this:

  1. Call comes in and transfered to my ext.
  2. No answers at my ext.
  3. Prompt caller for name and record.
  4. Park caller.
  5. Call my cell or other follow me device that is setup.
  6. Play recorded caller’s announcement when I pick up.
  7. Indicate acceptance or ignore call in which case the caller is taken to voice mail.

The only snag I can see (which there could be and probably are more) is playing the callee’s recording when I pick up my cell phone. There doesn’t seem to be a way to respond to the event of me answering my cell phone. Maybe AGI or something could take care of that…

Upon further investigation of dial plan flags, it appears that that “A(x)” flag will play a file for the called party. The “g” flag says:

From Asterisk, TFAT:

So maybe a combination of using the “A(x)” flag and the “g” flag may help me here, assuming I’m understanding them correctly…

Although this may still depend on being able to act on digits from the called party once the announcement is played. Or maybe just hangup before the call is bridged with the “g” flag…


The only thing I can think of would maybe use background before dial kind of like with an ivr where once you answer and press1 to playback the recording then press 2 to dial park extensions but youmay have an issue with cellphone voicemail

Hi Rusty,

Thanks for responding. Does asterisk still monitor the call when dialing out like that to receive DTMF?

Thanks again,


Yes The background can be set to be active for a given amount of time some where on the wiki is some info about it there is an example on how to forward to a cellphone adn you have to press 1 to answer just have to figure out the playing of the soundfile part