Dial my cellphone with caller ID

Hello All,

I need asterisk to be able to dial my desk phone and if I am not there to answer it, I want it to dial my cellphone and still show me the caller’s phone number and not the * phone number. Any dialplan ideas?


So you want a follow-me application with original caller ID? You’ll need PRI connection to do that. If you do, usecallingpres=yes in zapata.conf should suffice.

I ma in a full VoIP (SIP only) and data internet connection setup. No zaptel, no PRI; just SIP and data internet connections. How can I do this?

You still set callingpres=yes in sip.conf. But then it’s up to your ITSP. They can if they want to. For consumer providers, not many do.

But why bother. More than likely, your ITSP’s follow-me would already do what you wanted.

Thanx for your response. Do you mean I need to set callingpres=yes in sip.conf under general or where do I put it?
Can you post a sample extensions.conf dialplan to also effect this? I have;

exten => 123,1,Dial(SIP/123)
exten => 123,2,Dial(SIP/mycellphonenumber@outboundcontext)
exten => 124,3,voicemail(u123@default)
exten => 124,4,hangup

…and it does not show the actual caller’s phone number. It would also be great if it goes to the voicemail of my extension on asterisk instead of my cellphone voicemail.

Put callingpres in the section where you define your service provider. Nothing needs to be done in dial plan. If your service provider doesn’t allow end user to set their own caller ID (most don’t - for a good reason), all bets are off. The easiest solution is to use your service provider’s follow-me application instead of trying to set up your own if you want caller ID to be forwarded.

As to using your own voice mail, that’s a different matter. Simply decide how long you want Asterisk to wait before forwarding to your voice mail (you’ll need a little experimenting because your cell phone’s voice mail activation is based on number of rings whereas Asterisk’s is based on seconds), then use for example, Dial(SIP/mycellphonenumber@outboundcontext,10).