[ann]AsterFax Beta 3 - preview & faxing without attatchm

This release contains a number of major bug fixes regarding conversion of attachments to tiff.
Beta 2 would often result in a PDF attachment causing the FaxManager to hang.

Beta 3 also includes an extensive number of enhancements:

Preview - sending an email with a recipient of ‘preview@…’ will result in the fax being rendered but not transmitted. Instead the rendered tiff is sent back to the sender for preview.

Faxes can now be sent simply by composing a standard email, no attachment required.

Support for postscript attachments has now been added but not fully tested.

Improvements to the Test application aid in getting AsterFax up and running faster.

Improvements in the documentation.

Numerous bug fixes.

You can get the latest version by going to asterfax.sourceforge.net and clicking the ‘download’ link.

Good hunting,