[ann]AsterFax Beta 5 - sendmail integration

AsterFax provides an email based Fax gateway for the transmission of faxes using Asterisk.

You can download AsterFax at: asterfax.sourceforge.net

The newly released Beta 5 introduces two new features and a number improvements to the configuration of AsterFax.

New Features:
Integration with SendMail/Postfix/Exchange Server etc via procmail.
With the release of Beta 5 AsterFax now has two modes of accepting emails for faxing. The exiting mode where AsterFax acts as an SMTP gateway plus a new mode where AsterFax can be configured to monitor a directory where Mime encoded mail files are placed for AsterFax to process. The recommended method is to use procmail to extract the mail messages out of the mail server pipeline.

Audit trail
An audit trail is now written for every fax transmitted. The audit trail is written to logs/audit.log.

Improved Debugging
A number of new debugging options are now available via the AsterFax.xml file to aid it diagnosing problems with AsterFax.

AsterFax has now surpased 400 downloads and is now ranked 305th out of some 100,000 projects on sourceforge, which given that its has only been available for 6 weeks is an indicator of the strong level of interest in the product.

S. Brett Sutton