[ANN]AsterFax - updated documentation

FYI - I’ve just finished updating the AsterFax documentation with considerable improvements in the installation instructions.
I have also detailed the licensing arrangements, any feed back would be appreciated.

hmmmm, I keep doing this.

The URL is asterfax.sourceforge.net

Oh and if you don’t know AsterFax is…

AsterFax provides an SMTP Fax gateway for the transmission of faxes using Asterisk.

Asterisk is an Open Source PBX (or PABX) which provides all of the functionality of a high end PBX free of charge.
AsterFax builds on the services provided by Asterisk to provide a full fledged SMTP Fax Gateway.

What that means is that with AsterFax and Asterisk you can send faxes from you desktop using your standard email client without have to install any software on your desktop.

AsterFax can translate a normal email message into a fax message. You simply enter the destination phone number in the ‘To’ address, compose your email message and click send. Its that easy.

For more formal correpsondance AsterFax also supports a growing number of file formats such as PDF, Tiff and in the next release MS-Word. Simply attach the file to your email message and it will be sent as a fax message.

If any errors occuring during transmission a error report is sent back to your inbox.

You can also preview how the fax will look by sendinge email to the special ‘preview’ address, which simply formats the message ready for transmission and then sends it back to you for previewing before the fax is sent.
AsterFax supports a growing list of file types such as Tiff, PDF and postscript. Support for MS-Word, MS-Excel and the OpenOffice suite of file formats is due in the next release (beta 4) (plus about 20 others).