[ANN]AsterFax Beta 4 released - Now send faxes from MS-Word

AsterFax Beta 4 has been released to SourceForge AsterFax

AsterFax Beta 4 makes it truly simple to send a fax. You can either compose a normal email and send it to AsterFax or you can send a fax directly from either MS-Word or OpenOffice Writer and there is no client install required.

For me Beta 4 is a milestone release as AsterFax now has a truly useful set of functionality and most of the big bugs have been removed.

Beta 4 introduces support for MS-Word and Open Office Writer attachments as well as resolving issues with PDF and Postscript.
The documentation has also been improved to provide more detailed installation instructions.
Beta 4 also introduces support for multiple channels along with priorities for those channels so you can setup preferences as to which channel should be used first.

I hope you enjoy AsterFax version 1.0 beta 4.

S. Brett Sutton

I checked out the website and I seem to have mised the supported hardware (brooktrout etc )section. I didnt see any fax information on the digium boards on digiums site.



Asterfax is hardware-independent. It’s an email to fax gateway.

The latter I knew, but I am still unclear of the first.

I thought the point of the dedicated fax boardswas the completion rates and the fact that the board does more of the compressesion work etc? This is not needed you say?

I have Brooktrout boards that probably could not be used as voice boards correct?



I havent tried it yet, but it should be possible to send a fax without any fax-related hardware at all - over SIP, via an ITSP. So long as you use g711.