Analog Phone Busy - Behind Grandstream Switch

Hi All,

One of the analog phone ext is coming as busy and we can see solid light green lit on EXT on Grandstream VOIP Gateway front screen, I have total 4 Grandstream VOIP switch added on Asterisk Server. This normally happens when the EXT is talking to someone.

I have rebooted the Grandstream VOIP switch as well, but no luck. Most of the time reboot fix these kind of issues in the past. Any guess what could be wrong here.

I am using Grandstream VOIP Gateway switch GXW4232

Asterisk Version Asterisk 15.2.2

The analog port could be bad due to something like an electrical surge. Do you have another port available that you can test the line on ?

Another port on the Grandstream VOIP Gateway switch ? if yes, then why the light is solid green.

Yes, testing the cable with another working port, on the same device, could help you narrow down the issue of cable vs. port.

The light might not be right, either.

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