Incoming call for analog lines

Hi all.
I have already install asterisk server with dahdi module. I am facing a problem to treat incoming calls. I have 4 analog line numbers which are assigned to the reception phone. Now I would like to dedicate one line number on the reception and others on different extensions for incoming call. I am wondering how to retrieve the did number so that I can transfer incoming calls depending to it. I have seen how we can treat SIP calls:
exten => s,1,goto(${CUT(CUT(SIP_HEADER(TO),@,1),:,2)},1)
exten => 0120120020,1,Dial(SIP/10&SIP/11&SIP/12,20,tr)
exten => 0230230030,1,Dial(SIP/20&SIP/21,20,tr)

How do we treat analog case?
Thank you in advance.


Duplicate thread. As this is probably a more correct forum I’ll continue here, however repeating a question, especially without detailing previous replies, is bad practice.

Re-iterating information already provided.

SIP headers only apply to SIP channels.

The routing information for SIP is in the request URI not the To header.

DID numbers are presented as the extension number, so if you really have DID, you simply define extensions for each DID number.


It is possible that you don’t have real DID. If you have four distinct channels, which don’t forward routing digits, you should put them into different contexts in your dahdi configuration.

Thank you David. I just move my thread in the correct forum as you suggested me. I think you clarified all things about my problem. I should put in different context from dahdi config file and my problem is solved. Thank you again for your help and time.