AMP Panel Question

Why don’t extensions I create manually in extension.conf / sip.conf show up in the AMP Panel? When I use the wizard in AMP they show up. What is it doing that I’m not?


AMP puts all its data in the mysql database and then generates all the xxx_additional.conf files every time you make a change. So if you modify any *.conf files it will either not know about it (or clobber them if you try updating its *_additional files).


I’ve read how it’s not the smartest thing to mix using AMP and doing things by hand; however, in my desire to understand how things are working I sometimes mix things up a bit. I have everything working, as far as placing calls between the AMP created extensions and my hand created extensions. If you go to the maintenance page of AMP and look at the Asterisk info it shows what extensions are registered (both sets), but when you get to the Panel page, it clearly only shows me the extensions I created.

From your post, maybe I should assume one of two things:

  1. I would have to modify the MYSQL database directly?
  2. The panel reads data from MYSQL, which pulls it from the *.CONF files, but it is looking in specific locations…so maybe the context I’ve created for learning isn’t in the scope of information it pulls from?

Either way, I like AMP, but I just want to understand the nuts and bolts. If there is a way to crame things into there by hand I’m curious.

if you want to tweak things, do so in extensions_custom.conf.

as mentioned, user extensions_custom.conf for anything you want to change. You can even ‘replace’ existing contexts this way without removing them inextensions.conf.

to answer your question, AMP is driven by the mysql database, it does not read the conf files. (think of the *_additional.conf files as a cache).

There is no problem doing things outside of AMP (as long as you no what you are doing). In general, if you can do it in AMP, it is a bit easier since you ‘see’ it there. There is also a ‘limitted’ ability to make custom extensions in AMP that you could couple with custom work you are doing and see it within AMP.

As far as updating the mysql database manually - unless you really understand AMP, I would highly discourage that. You can end up really messing things up for yourself and have to reinstall.


…about screwing up AMP. I’m currently running Asterisk on 1 physical box and another on a virtual machine. I do all my testing on the virtual machine…screw it up…and I reboot to the last good configuration.

I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty. I’ve played with the mysql database a bit. Added some entries in different tables, but still haven’t been able to figure it out. Where exactly it pulls the information from. I’ll get it sooner or later…No problems…now I have two new issues I’ll post about though.


you need to look at some of the AMP code to help understand what it is doing. However, the easiest might be to take a look at: (and the other associated scripts). You can see what tables and entries it is pulling to build the conf files and how to interpret the various fields. But … you need to keep in mind that the AMP code goes back into the database with various queries to repopluate various fields in the different page menus, so there can be other subtlies (going as far as how it deletes entries in the database).

Note - I’m referring to AMP 1.X. I’ve only briefly scanned 2.0 (freePBX) so I don’t know where things may have changed or not. (I’ve got a bunch of mods that I need to port over, so I thought I would wait until there was a little bit of noise on the forums now that 2.0 is out before starting to make my move).