extensions_additional.conf is overwritten

Dear helper,

I’m using [CentOS 4.2 Linux 2.6.9-22.ELsmp] Asterisk 1.2.13;
I have made some changes to a context [aa_1] of extensions_additional.conf,
every time I submit a form through AMP (asterisk management portal) those changes get overwritten by the default values,

I know that a Perl code (retrieve_extensions_from_mysql.pl) does it,

My question is,
I don’t know where it gets its values from,
I mean, How can I make sure that my changes is written instead of the default values?

Thanks in advance,

PS I tried to “move” that special context to another .conf file and including it in the extension.conf, but the context is created when a form is submitted in the AMP.

put the stuff you need in extensions_custom.conf, the custom files are for manual additions and do not get overwritten.

I already know the suggestion you said on the forum “put the stuff you need in extensions_custom.conf”,

yet as the context [aa_1] I have modified is in the extensions_additional.conf, I can not follow your suggestion,

I have changed that context from AMP portal (where you have access to .conf files) but the Database remains intact, and ofcourse anytime a form is submitted through AMP that database overwrites the .conf files and the modifications,

My question is, How can I modify a context in the extensions_additaional.conf and make sure that It affects the database and the .conf files?

Thanks for you time,

There is no way that I am aware of to do that.
The only way to change something and have it ‘stick’ is through the GUI…

What exactly are you trying to change & achieve?

(It could also be worth asking on the freepbx.org web board, the program authors may be able to help).

Hi again,

I really appreciate your consideration with my problem with AMP,

The changes that are made through GUI (asterisk management portal) when done through configuration maintanance only affects the .conf files and not affecting the asterisk database (espcially extensions table in asterisk database),

Do you know how can I update the database and force it to read from .conf files?

I know that realtime configuration is available for this,
but since the modification is very small, it doesnt seem reasonable to install and run that for this case,