AMP - pro and contra

Do you use AMP?

  • Yes, I love it!
  • Yes. I don’t now to configure * at any other way.
  • No, I haven’t try it.
  • No. I have try it but it’s no good.

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I have been using * for several months. Now I have installed
AMP. AMP has meny features and it looks great. I specialy like Call Detail Reports. As far as I’m concern AMP has one disvantage.
I have loused contorl over *!
In command line I can’t connect to * (asterisk -rvvv). I can’t simply edit extensions.conf and sip.conf (from command line - changes don’t apply).

So, now I’m interested. Is this all because I’m new to AMP and I need time to get use to it or it’s just that it’s beater to configure asterisk by manualy editing conf files?

Thank you!

I’m using AMP to set up 5 servers. From what I can tell, it does make it more difficult to use some of the advanced functionality of Asterisk, but it really simplifies setting up the basic stuff.

I wouldn’t have the time to set up or administer our phone system without it (as it is, it’s still posing quite a challenge).