I was wondering it some could tell me how the extensions_custom.conf works ? when to use it and some basic instructions on how to use it if I want to add some additional dial plan rules to the [from-internal] sections of the dial plan, also I read that you can add the [from-internal-custom] context to the extensions_custom.conf and that there is some relationship between these two contexts ?

thanks in advance


You better ask in the FreePBX forum since that is something that they use. For asterisk there is only one file not so many like in FreePBX.

The extensions_custom.conf file was create by Asterisk what I am wanting to find out is when is it referred , eg does asterisk look at that file before the extensions.conf file or only when it is referred to in another file ? its more the process that I am interested in ?


extensions_custom.conf is not created by Asterisk , FreePBX allows the users to create customized contexts using the file extensions_custom.conf , that file is included on extensions.conf for examples take a look to https://github.com/crazedr0m/FreePBX/blob/master/amp_conf/astetc/extensions_custom.conf.sample

and also questions related to extensions_custom.conf must be addressed on the FreePBX forum, plain Asterisk does not use that file

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ok thank you very much for your assistance.