Asterisk AMI disconnects when busy

Happy New Year!

We have a small program that provides us with data from Asterisk AMI to Database.
When the server has about 8 or less calls, then everything works perfectly.

But when Asterisk has more than 8 or more active calls, the Asterisk AMI disconnects after approx 1 minute. Reconnect, and it disconnects again after appprox 1 minute.

I have tried from different computers on different networks, same issue.

Anyone know why this happens and what to do to resolve?

This will happen if the receiving systems don’t clear their TCP input fast enough. There will be obvious diagnostic messages. The re-connect is purely a function of the client, so nothing to do with Asterisk.

You can increase the timeout in manager.conf, but you should note that, if you are making enquiries, rather than passively monitoring events, locks can be held whilst the AMI output is stalled, as a large timeout may result in sluggish operation or even protocol timeouts.

Please use Asterisk Support for questions like this, in future.