Asterisk restart


I need to know what happens when I issue the “restart now” command in Asterisk. Does it restart only Asterisk application or the entire Trixbox machine? And if the first applies, how much time does it take to restart the Asterisk application?


it depends…
if you send this command via the asterisk cli, only the asterisk application will restart and fire you off your session. you have to reenter the cli with asterisk -rvvv.
If you send this command from the shell, tho whole machine will restart, but only if this command is supported by your shell / linux version (not all linuxes do this… more common is the command shutdown -r now for rebooting the machine…)
Restarting the machine may take up to several minutes, it really depends on your machine and you should test it, to measure the time a full reboot needs. Restarting asterisk normally takes less then one second, but all calls will be dropped!