AMI PauseMonitor Does Not Work

I connect to the AMI and run CoreShowChannels, grab the correct channel for a current test call, and then I do a Action: PauseMonitor, passing it Channel: xyz where xyz is my test call.

When I do this, it says “Success” and “Paused monitoring of the channel”, however when I review the recordings, it doesn’t actually stop recording the call. No beeps occur. Nothing seems to happen to the call.

I would greatly appreciate any insight into this issue. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the shell on this server, but if there is a configuration change that needs to be made to make PauseMonitor / UnpauseMonitor work, I can request my provider to change whatever is necessary. Of course, I can also pull config files using the AMI if requested. This system is running FreePBX, but I believe this to be more of an Asterisk question, so that is why I am posting here. Thank you very much.

I second this statement PauseMonitor results in the message “Success” but the recording continues. I suspect this is because Mixmonitor is in use as opposed to monitor but there is no equivalent PauseMixMonitor command.