Stop MixMonitor for a specific channel

Good evening eveyone.

Before all, it was a pleasure to be at Asterisk 25th anniversary in FLL last week.

My question today is about MixMonitor :
I would like to stop recording one specific channel but keep recording the other one.

Of course I know the Pause/UnpauseMonitor AMI command (Yes @jcolp I’m still an AMI user :smile: ) but it stops all the channels.

Any idea ?

Define channel. Asterisk channel? If so, MixMonitor doesn’t stop all channels. It stops what is specified.

Sorry, I misspoke :
I do a MixMonitor on a bridged channel so MixMonitor record both in and out channels.
I would like MixMonintor to stop recording one specific channel of the bridge

scenario : a call comes in (channel pjsip/trunk-xxxxx), the dialplan dials ext 300 and bridge the call so we have pjsip/trunk-xxxx bridged to pjsip/300-yyyyy and MixMonitor recording both.

I would like to stop recording pjsip/trunk-xxxxx and continue recording pjsip/300-yyyyy

MixMonitor is recording audio flowing for a single channel, specifically generally each direction. It’s not recording each channel itself. If you stop MixMonitor then you stop the recording. You’d need to start a new one up on the other channel.

Right! I misunderstood the concept. My bad.

So my question is: can I choose to record in or out audio stream ?

You can choose when MixMonitor is invoked to record them separately. You can’t alter that afterwards. The most I can think of is using MixMonitorMute to mute a specific direction so that direction is no longer recorded.

Of course the MixMonitorMute is my solution…thank you so much.
I need to get my brain back from Fort Lauderdale…

Have a nice day

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