StopMixMonitor not working

Hi team,

I am using StopMixMonitor() on feature map and i can see it is being executed but actually StopMixMonitor is stoping the recording.

Asterisk version: Asterisk 11.17.1
exten => s,1,Verbose(Stopping Recording)
exten => s,n,StopMixMonitor()

and features.conf

StopMixMonitor => #5,peer/both,Macro(pause-recording)
MixMonitor => #6,peer/both,Macro(unpause-recording)


exten => _X.,n,MixMonitor(${REC_FILE_NAME},W(1),/usr/bin/lame -V3 ${REC_FILE_NAME} ${FILE_NAME_FULL}.mp3 && rm ${REC_FILE_NAME})
exten => _X,n,Dial(SIP/ext@trunk,120)

If you want to pause, use Pause, not Stop.

Thanks for the reply David. but the application i can see is PauseMonitor and does it work with MixMonitor ?

Thank you

It would appear that it is MixMonitorMute. Unfortunately, it is only available via AMI, not as a dialplan application.

I assume this is a PCI DSS issue. We had CTI, so used the AMI command. The agents didn’t touch the phone keypad once logged in.