[AMI Event] AgentDump never gets fired

Hey everyone,

I am relatively new to Asterisk, and I have the following problem:

When someone calls a queue, and that subsequently causes the queue members to be called, the AgentCalled event is fired, which I catch and use in my frontend. I store the uniqueid that this event gives me to reference it when required. The events AgentConnect and AgentComplete also work and give me the same uniqueid. I use this to show a table that lists the queues and queue members and who is on the phone with a queue caller and who is free.

But I also need an event that gets fired when the queue member hangs up on a call from the queue. According to the Asterisk AMI Documentation, this should be the AgentDump event:

However, this event never gets fired. Am I misinterpreting the event? Is there maybe another event that I can use to accomplish this? I tried to use the HangUp event, but it has a different uniqueid than AgentCalled, AgentConnect, and AgentComplete.

Any advice is greatly appreciated :smile: Thank you.

bump. does nobody have an idea? :frowning:


There’s either a bug, or a subtle distinction. Who’s hanging up in your test case? Is the agent hanging up, or is the caller hanging up?

In my test case, the agent hangs up.

Then you may have run into a bug. You’re welcome to review the issue reporting guidelines at - wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … Guidelines