Alerting a phone that another is ringing

Hi all,

we’d to do something like that :

When phone 100 ring, the play a “beep” on phone 101,102 and 103
Is that something possible ? We won’t like to call 101,102 and 103 but only “alert” them.

Any idea ?

What about the BLF feature,

Hello @ambiorixg12, and thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

Actually, what we want is the subscribed phone doing an “audible beep” when the BLF is ringing.
So not just the BLF visually flashing, we want the BLF also making a sound.

Do you have any idea about that ?


For make an “audible beep” you need to ring phone, so in this case you can use local channel, and verify if phone accept custom ring headers

Asterisk can’t force a phone to do anything, so you’re really asking a phone specific question. You’d need to state which phones or devices are in use. The only way may be to call them.


thanks for this idea. We asked Snom if there is a solution. We found that we can activate “audible BLF”, which is a first step, but know we need it only on one
I’ll let you know

Hi all,

in fact there are solutions, these are called “xml definition” and this seems so powerful !



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