Help - Blink on incoming call

Could you point me some directions on how to make a SIP phone LED blink, instead of ringing, on an incoming call ??

Thanks in advance

errr … which phone ?

Sorry about the lack of detail in my first message… . We are currently using a Polycom 610 and a Thomson ST2030, but we may need to implement this behaviour on different phones. Any info is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

first are we talking about status display or ring alternative? if you mean status, you should be able to do this with a simple hint exten, and possibly enable notifyringing=yes in sip.conf. That will make somebodys BLF light blink when their phone is ringing.

if you mean make the phone not ring and only blink, that is a phone specific option. Often asterisk can trigger such behavior or distinctive rings with something like
SipAddHeader(Alert-Info=somethingorother) and perhaps that could also be used to disable the ringer on certain calls.

hope that helps


One of the rings for aastra handsets is silent, so will do as you want. But it is a phone specific thing


I guess its time for some vendor specifications diging…

IronHelix : I’ve been reading for the distinctive ring feature for a while now and i guess it would be the only option. The catch is that even the distinctive rings can be mapped differently on each phone (i’ve seen this in the Polycom phone), depending on local configurations, so we can’t assure that, by adding the Alert-Info header on the package, we will have the same behavior on each phone.

Thank you all so much for the time and information.

true, you can’t necessarily assume the phones will behave the same, unless you are in charge of their configuration. Read up on the Polycom mass deployment systems (if you can get a hold of the documentation, PCOM makes you jump thru hoops to get it) and put all the phones under central administration…

I am trying to use the “distinctive ring feature” for the Thomson ST2030 and I wonder how can I add the Alert-Info header on the package and fix its value.

Thanks a lot.

Use SipAddHeader()


exten => 1234,1,SipAddHeader(Alert-Info:answer-after=0)
exten => 1234,2,Page(SIP/1234)

or something like that. Keep in mind that alert-info headers vary by phone, so the example above may not apply to you.