In-ear/headset Alerts

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Does anyone know if Asterisk is able to send a beep or other prompt to a user’s headset?

Users are in a contact center environment and incoming calls ring on their Digium phones in the usual way. we would like to be able to give users who are available to answer the call (i.e. logged in and not in a wrap-up period) a bit of a prod by sending them a beep or other prompt to their headset.

I’ve seen this in other contact center environments but does anyone have any idea is this is possible with Asterisk?


You can change the behavior of the phone so that the ringing tone will be played only to the headset. That is not the default behavior and must be enabled.

<setting id="ring_headset_only" value="1" />
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Thanks very much. I’ll give that a try and see how it works for us.