Alarmreceiver module


Is anyone using the alarmreceiver module with a current version of asterisk?
I am running asterisk 1.8.4 and asterisk dies (dumps core) every time I try and dial the virtual extension configured with this module.



I started this thread a couple of weeks ago and no one responded. Does this mean that no one is using this module?

Can some one suggest a better place to post if this is not the right forum?

Many thanks


Have a look at the number of reads divided by the number of posts for threads here, then make a guess as to how many of them use a specialist module like that!

If you are getting a crash, and you are sure that you don’t have any old modules lying around, you should google “asterisk wiki backtrace”, and report the crash to

I ran into this exact same problem. There is a problem with the alarmreceiver module and/or dsp.c module re: dtmf dialing. I had the module working for years with an old version of Asterisk but could not get the alarmreceiver module to work with Asterisk 10 or 11. However it works perfectly with Asterisk 8.18.0
I used a PBX in a Flash distro.
FYI - I wrote up a very detailed procedure for the alarmreceiver module at the link below if interested: