Alarmreceiver + PSTN to SIP Trunk

Hi guys,

I have been fighting an uphill battle for the past week and a half trying to get alarmreceiver to work without much success.

I have searched for answers, tried multiple configurations, even got my SIP provider to spend 2 hours with me over the phone to try help me with this - great guy!

I purchased a SIP number with the sole purpose to allow my house alarm DSC 1832 to call from my home PSTN to a SIP number which is my asterisk trunk - send it to alarmreceiver, then send the events to me and others I choose.

Before going into lengths… may I first as if anyone has successfully managed to do this? I have FreePBX 13 and FreeBPX Purple (1.8) as I had read somewhere that there were problems with alarmreceiver above sterick version 1.8, I ran them in a virtualbox vm for trials, if they were successful then my idea was to install it on an amazon EC2 or a linode in the cloud.

When listening in on the call (which strangely enough seemed to better communications) I heard that the alarms panel, the DSC, sends the DTMF tomes at a very fast rate, and I fear that it is too fast to decode or gets distorted somewhere through the PSTN -> SIP.

I have tried dtmfmode in inband, info, and RFC2833 with relaxdtmf - basically a mix of anything I could find to try when searching.

This is my last attempt at finding a possible solution, I would appreciate it if anyone could confirm if it can or cannot be done!

Thanks for your time,