Upgraded to Asterisk 13, Alarm Receiver stopped working

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded to Asterisk 13.9.1 from Asterisk 11. I upgraded in hopes of fixing an issue with DTMF digits being dropped from Event codes from the Alarm Receiver app. Also, I did not originally setup the Alarm receiver, so I am starting from scratch with Asteisk 13’s Alarm Receiver and getting it up and running.

I have compiled Asterisk 13 with OpenWrt with ONLY app_alarmreciever. I then used the same config files that had been in place for asterisk 11, and of course it does not work. Using “core set verbose 99” in CLI>, and then triggering an alarm produces no output to console, nothing.

So, am I missing other apps that need to be added to my build for alarm receiver to work? Are the config files not backwards compatible? I am just looking for the most minimal configuration to get Alarm Receiver to work. I know a lot more about messing around with the alarm receiver app itself, but not actually getting it setup for the first time.

Thanks, any guidance in the right direction is appreciated.