AlarmReceiver.cmd Install

I am completely new to Linux and Asterisk but have managed over the past week to install AsteriskNow, have a trunk configured and able to make inbound / outbound calls - one word “AWESOME”.

I would like to download and install the alarmreceiver module into asterisk for integration into my dsc alarm system but don’t now the commands to enter at the root directory to get AND install the module. I’m sure this is simple for everyone but being new all this i’m stuck.

Could someone tell me the exact commands i need to enter at the root directory to download and install alarmreceiver.

thanks so much

Not sure if you managed to get it working but I found this info and thought you might find it useful. … it-to-work

I am just trying to get this work my self, so if anyone has any helpful tips they would be greatly received


I was able to get the alarmreceiver module operational. There are major problems with alarmreceiver and/or dtmf recognition in Asterisk 10 and 11 that stopped the module from working for me. I am now running Asterisk 8.18.0 without any issues. No changes required.

I wrote up a detailed procedure that outlines how to get the module working, log an event, translate the event into english (ex. Foyer Motion) and send out an instant email.

The procedure can be viewed at: