* AGI best path for external SQL queries

Seems I have at least two options to get external data back to the caller, I.E. account balances.

I’m about to start with AGI calling a C program using libagi which will call UnixODBC with Oracle client.

Or I could use AGI calling Java or Perl which could hook to an already existing OCI by way of FastAGI.

Does anyone out there have any comments on implementation of FASTAGI, or libagi?

Or perhaps other means?


I would use FastAGI whenever possible. You can even seperate the FASTAGI processes from the Asterisk box to run on another machine. Regular AGI can only support a few callers at a time.

Thanks for the reply.

What are the caller limits of regular AGI? I’m running dual xeon 3ghz with 4 gig dram on Redhat EL4. This is an exclusive Asterisk box.

I’ve been looking into the Areski_AGI php application for prepaid calling cards as a base for my external Oracle DB development. It seems to be fairly robust and hopefully stable.
Have you looked into that app at all?


Varies based on the application and language used. I really couldn’t tell you without testing your application.