Questions regarding FastAGI server

Hi everyone,

My mind continues to boggle at the flexibility of Asterisk. We are in the planning stages of a project which will rely heavily on Asterisk.

I was delighted when I found the AGI and even more impressed when I found FastAGI over TCP/IP.

I would like to know a lot more about FastAGI, particularly performance and security.

Firstly, how secure is a connection between an Asterisk server and a FastAGI server?

I was originally disappointed when I saw that AGI would create a new PHP process each time an incoming call occurred, however FastAGI gets around this (Correct?). We will probably develop the FastAGI script in PHP so it can reuse code already used by the public and private websites. Is this a wise move?

Is using Apache and PHP to catch the FastAGI TCP/IP requests from Asterisk an efficient method? Is there an existing dedicated FastAGI/PHP server? Are the benefits of a FastAGI server such as OrderlyCalls worth switching to another programming language?