Agents need to loggin form different phone extension

My scenario is that agents have to sit any where in office.

Let suppose they are member of a queue sales and they want to sit any where and have to logged in to any other registered phone. E.g an agent of queue sales with extension 101 have to logged in a queue through a phone on which extension 102 has been registered. When i tried to logged in through this scenario it successfully logged in the queue but with same thing

(Local/101@from-queue/n) (dynamic) (Unavailable) has taken no calls yet

and not able to take calls

We are using Elastix

Easy stuff using asterisk, I guess its called hot desk, may be you should ask in the Elastix forums since you are using a modifed FreePBX GUI

Thanks for reply.

I Have configured hot desking using … -database/

This is v good example of hot desking. But I need that agent can logged in to a queue from his extension from any phone.

There is a very good chance that any answer you get here will be of no use to you because Elastix won’t let you implement it, which is why you probably should be using an Elatix forum.

You can’t actually log in to queues, so I’ll have to make a guess at what you really wanted.

Asterisk offers an AgentLogin mode, where agents are only able to take incoming calls, and which is the simplest way to have a hot desking agent.

It used to have an AgentCallbackLogin application, that would ring the agent for incoming calls, but this was deprecated, and may have been removed, because it had some limitations and a facility with similar limitation could be simulated using local channels. Sample dialplan and scripting was supplied to implement this, and was included in the Asterisk source tree. I think this is now outside of the source tree, but I don’t want to spend time tracing it.

You can, of course, associate any extension number with any device (although GUIs often confuse the issue by giving devices names that look like the extension number used to access them), so there might be a soluton where you created and deleted extensions for use by the agents, to take incoming calls.