Movility: Having a Unique Extension


I would like to have the best approach for “hot desk”. I want to implement a unique extension, than can travel with you along all the organization.

What I want to do it to be able to “log-on” at my desktop phone, using my extension and password. Then, if somebody call me, my desktop phone would sound. At the end of the day, I disconect. Next day, I am at other floor of the building, and I logon on other phone. That phone should be the one that would ring now when somebody calls me. Moreover, tomorrow if I travel to other branch or delegation, I should be also able to logon on the system there.

I was thinking on using and approach similiar to agents/queues, but I need to implement the system for more than 1000 users, and I am not sure about if using that workaround is a good idea. For example, agents/queues info would be lost if asterisk PBX reboots, would not be valid for the idea I have about clustering (active-pasive), and even may have problems to work across a multi-sede installation.

Additionally, I would like to implement this in conjution with a unique extension approach, so user can either at their phone desk, or their softphone on their laptop, or their mobily phone. A unique extension should be able to reach him no matter with device is using.

Any suggestions ? Do you think queues/agents approach is a good idea or would you prefer to do an AGI programming ? How would you implement that system ? Any one has implemented a similar one ?

Thks for sharing your opinion,

Try using the asterisk database.

Something like

exten => _3XXX,1,Set(callto=${DB(extensions/${EXTEN})}
exten => _3XXX,2,Dial(callto,r)

Then update extensions/whatever in the database every time the person logs on from a different phone.

Or you could use the built in followme functionality, which works slightly different: … d+FollowMe

Thks, Is a good aproach, but main problem is on active-pasive clusters, where AtDB is no shared.

Would like also to known if you think that the aproach of using agents and virtual extensions is a good idea or not…

And about te follow-me approach, a saw that is kind of complicate to active/desactivate… i am afraid of this option not being flexible enough… (and also, does not solve the problem of loggin on a desk hot)


If you are using active passive IE hotstandby then keep the ASTDB in sync with rsync.