Hotdesking agent

Can someone show me an example hotdesking agent like avaya does the agents can login in any extensions he wants in the a call center i have doing some researching but i dont find what i looking for please david can you helping me…

you can dial a number for login in the queues with the agent number and the pin number and dial also a number to log out
The Avaya has nice hotdesking features and the same extension can
seamlessly be used across desk or softphone. I think with Asterisk I
could get into a pickle

please guys i love asterisk but i wants to know how to setup hotdesking

If you mean AgentCallbackLogin, there are examples of how to emulate this, now deprecated, application included in the documentation in the Asterisk source tree, at least for some versions of Astersik.

do you have some scripts dialplan that allow any agents can login on any devices phone with the agentID and pin and ready to get incoming from the queues that i assign to .

for example i working in a call center every time i come i can sitting everywere i wants and i log to the phone i am not talking to agentcallbacklogin i know its deprecated and i tried agentLogin but when i hangup the phone the agent log in out i dont really like i just for example i log to the phone and ready to take call no musichold for agents and what avaya does when login to the phone they assign button line to login and enter you id and pin and automatically another button light up to show you are ready auto in if i have this possibility to asterisk i prefer recommand my boss to using asterisk i think asterisk its more flexible the only thing i miss up how to setup the hotdesking agent like avaya does please david i kown i asked you too many question please show me an example like that im using asterisk 13
thanks in advances

As I said, it was in the documentation:

thanks so much for this link david another questions…
VMAuthenticate(${AGENT_NUMBER}@default,s); what represent default context

i think that suppose to setup in voicemail.conf right

in this case do i need the agents.conf
please thanks in advance

Set(“SIP/44103-00000003”, “queue-announce-success=1”) in new stack
– Executing [6092@internal:5] Goto(“SIP/44103-00000003”, “queues-manip,I,1”) in new stack
– Goto (queues-manip,I,1)
[Mar 5 23:42:59] WARNING[8606][C-00000004]: pbx.c:6796 __ast_pbx_run: Channel ‘SIP/44103-00000003’ sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler: context,exten,priority=queues-manip,I,1

i have this error can you helps please…

Goto (callagent,s,6)
– Executing [s@callagent:6] Set(“Local/6103@agents-00000043;2”, “OUTBOU ents”) in new stack
– Executing [s@callagent:7] Dial(“Local/6103@agents-00000043;2”, ",300,
[Mar 6 13:37:49] WARNING[12269][C-0000000f]: app_dial.c:2141 dial_exec_full: Di rgument (technology/resource)
== Spawn extension (callagent, s, 7) exited non-zero on 'Local/6103@agents
– Executing [h@callagent:1] Goto(“Local/6103@agents-00000043;2”, “9991”) in
– Goto (callagent,h,9991)
– Executing [h@callagent:9991] Set(“Local/6103@agents-00000043;2”, "~~paren in new stack
– Executing [h@callagent:9992] GotoIf(“Local/6103@agents-00000043;2”, "0?99 k
– Executing [h@callagent:9993] GotoIf(“Local/6103@agents-00000043;2”, "0?99 stack
– Goto (callagent,h,9996)
– Executing [h@callagent:9996] NoOp(“Local/6103@agents-00000043;2”, “”) in
– Nobody picked up in 0 ms
– Stopped music on hold on SIP/44102-0000000f
== Spawn extension (internal, 9996, 3) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/44102-0000000f’

i done all those steps you recemmand me but my problem when i call the queue it cant reach my agent extensions if you looking in the code above you will see it say app_dial.c:2141 dial_exec_full: Di rgument (technology/resource) error
can you please advice

We only use AgentLogin, so I haven’t made use of the scripts myself. Debugging your use of them is going to take more time than I can justify.

but can you refer me a scripts that more useful using agent Login in case call center for agent hotdesking

6121 => &callagent(${RAQUEL},${EXTEN});
6165 => &callagent(${SPEARS},${EXTEN});
6170 => &callagent(${ROCK},${EXTEN});
6070 => &callagent(${SALINE},${EXTEN});

can someone tell me how i can define the variable ${RAQUEL} to change the extensions raquel to LOCAL extensions please advise…

david can tell me how do you use agentLogin for a call center with no music in hold for the agents
please tahnks in advances

Use silence, or, a bit naughty, make the default invalid, in which case, at least on the old version we use, will complain but will send no RTP at all.

if the agents wants to do a call back … how do you setup

i am using asterisk 13