Agents - Inbound AND Outbound


I’m pretty new to the Asterisk world so I’m stuck with this problem which I don’t even know if it’s possible to solve in a rookie (like me) way.

Basically, what we need to do is set a group of agents not only to receive calls but also to make outbound calls while logged in an inbound queue. In order to give the agents the chance to decide if they’re calling or receiving, I’m using the ackcall (#) so they can pick up a call if they don’t need to dial out or they can choose NOT pick the call if they need to dial out. Also, we need to keep the another group of agents working the same way as they’re now (receiving calls directly, no need to hit the #).

So far I’ve been able to:

  • Agents do not receive the call directly but using ‘#’ key to pick up a call from a queue they’re logged in. (ackcall).
  • Track outbound calls from the agents using QueueMetrics and their concept of “outbound queues” as described in their documentation (qm-queuedial, etc).

What I haven’t been able to:

  • Log in the agents to pick up calls using the # AND have the ability to dial while logged in. It’s one or the other, but not both when the agents are logged.
  • Set two different types of agents in the agents.conf file. If I try to set different ‘contexts’ (like [agent-in] and [agent-out]) the agents will just NOT log in.

The thing is: I need the agentes to be logged in Inbound Queues to receive calls and simultaneously they have to have the ability to dial out (using qm-queuedial or whatever it takes). Is this configuration possible?

Of course, we can always ask the agents to log in and log out whenever they need to make a call, but that’s not the most comfortable way to work.

Let me know if I’m not making myself clear about this problem.

Thanks in advance!