Queue and Agent implementation


I am trying to configure an queue with the Callnumber “47106”.
Different Users (PJSIP/433,PJSIP/422,PJSIP/411) should be able to log-in and log-out by calling a number (47433,47422,47411 for example).
Once the queue 47106 gets an incoming call, logged in users should receive the call.

The above mentioned users are configured on the asterisk and are able to communicate over it.
I’ve seen many videos where its mentioned that I need to configure agents.conf / queue.conf / and extensions.conf, but right now im not sure how to do that.

Can somebody help me out?
If its a bigger thing to configure I’m ready to give a little tip.
Thanks for your answers.


You must have knowledge of basic working of queues and device states and dialplan.

you can drop me a message if any help needed.