Agent whisper feature

hello to all,

just want to ask if asterisk with vicidial (or any other open source dialer) is capable of having an agent whisper feature wherin agents can be coached/supervise by their supervisors without the customer knowing it. for any pointers and suggestions you may provide, it would be most appreciated.

many thanks

On asterisk@home FOP and web meet-me panel’s way of call monitor, barge-in, unmute and kick are tested. Now, is there a way to do all of this and more when using your telephone extensions, for example dial 888 then channel # (monitoring) and by pressing a key you could whisper to your agent (informing you want to take over the call), then pressing a key unmuting your extension so you could directly talk to the client and optionally but not that important, dial a key to kick your agent. Thanks

IIRC there was someone who had developed this feature, but it had a pricetag.

the good news is that the GPL version is at least in development, and who knows, might even be out with 1.4. i haven’t kept the -users list messages, but you could ask on the irc channel, or the Asterisk lists.